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We build lifestyles, not just homes.
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At Cottage we focus on what our client wants and needs are, then surpass those expectations. We understand that many builders offer dream homes but we want to offer something more than just sticks and bricks—we build your dream lifestyle.

We believe that when you combine timeless design, all the comforts of casual Florida living, and high-quality craftsmanship you get more than a home. We design and build truly custom homes that your family can enjoy for generations, all while making the home-building process as personal and enjoyable as possible.


Bill & Liz Petkoski

Bill & Liz began Cottage Home Company with a burning desire to create a different kind of Custom Homebuilding Company, one that was based on a real passion for good design and focused on how families really live in their homes today. The goal was neither to be the biggest builder, nor to brag about how many closings they had per year. Instead, their goal was really simple –

“Create beautiful, inspiring places for families to live, places we could be proud to say we built.”

This simple goal drives their intense passion every single day.

Cottage Home Company prides itself on the principle of “right sized design.” Whether it is a 1700 square foot Cottage or a 5000 square foot Estate Home, every square foot in a design has a purpose in relation to how each client lives. Gone are the days of wasted space or rooms we don’t actually ever use.

Cottage Home Company is very well versed in the latest trends of architecture and interior design. Our homes look different, feel different and live different inside and out.

Bill spent over 17 years with large residential building companies and community developers before starting his company. Most recently, he served as Vice President–Operations at The St. Joe Company in Jacksonville, FL. He has been responsible for the oversight of the building of thousands of homes in the state of Florida.  His intense focus on operations and customer satisfaction has helped communities such as Weston, FL garner numerous awards over the years.

He is a hands-on owner, taking pride in making frequent visits to every jobsite and engages with each customer through the homebuilding experience.

Bill & Liz are long time residents of St. Johns County and live in Palencia with their children Jordan and Madison, and two Westies, Norman and Lilly.

The Cottage Team

Custom luxury homes are not built by magic, but we want to make it seem that way. Our team of friendly, focused experts is exactly why Cottage receives high praise from all of our clients. We offer hands-on service from start to finish and beyond, all so you can get the most from your home-building experience.

Where Casual Meets Elegance.